A Study on Internet of Things in Women and Children Healthcare

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Nishargo Nigar


Individual entities are being connected every day with the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT contains various application domains and healthcare is one of them indeed. It is receiving a lot of attention recently because of its seamless integration with electronic health (eHealth) and telemedicine. IoT has the capability of collecting patient data incessantly which surely helps in preventive care. Doctors can diagnose their patients early to avoid complications and they can suggest further modifications if needed. As the whole process is automated, risk of errors is reduced. Administrative paperwork and data entry tasks will be automated due to tracking and connectivity. As a result, healthcare providers can engage themselves more in patient care. In traditional healthcare services, an individual used to have access to minimal insights into his own health. Hence, they were less conscious about themselves and depended wholly on the healthcare facilities for unfortunate events. But they can track their vitals, activities and fitness with the aid of connected devices now. Furthermore, they can suggest their preferred user interfaces. This paper describes several methods, practices and prototypes regarding IoT in the field of healthcare for women and children.

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