Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Road Accidents

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Due to increasing demand in urban mobility and modern logistics sector, the vehicle population has been growing progressively over the past several decades. A natural consequence of the vehicle population growth is the increase in traffic congestion which in turn will lead to more accidents. Accident prediction is one of the most vital aspects of road safety. An accident can be predicted before it occurs, and precautionary measures can be taken to avoid it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help in improved awareness of road conditions, driving behaviour of the people and can avoid accidents with the help of improved active safety and improved traffic condition. Drug impaired driving is becoming a serious cause of accidents as the days go by. Moreover, it is more difficult to detect drivers who are under the influence of drugs than drivers who are the influence of alcohol. So the purpose of this research is to study and review the literature & industry reports and put in the approaches for detecting the unsafe driving pattern and also maintaining the health of the car to avoid accidents.

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